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We had another wonderful Halloween, or as Troy calls it The Best Day of the Year.  Who knows how many full blown Halloween kid celebrations we have in our future, so this one carried an extra special something.  We trick or treated on the square Friday after school with our gigantic iPhone limping along, followed by pizza with friends. Saturday was devoted to preparing for the evening which meant pumpkin carving and seed roasting and cookie baking and scarecrow making and many more such October cliches.  We squeezed in a trip to a favorite coffee shop (where we were given coffee and a homemade chocolate mint cookie on the house because they were technically closed), and then took our annual drive around town to look at the houses and trees decked out in their autumn best.  Before we knew it we were back on our porch surrounded by a couple witches, a monster, a cat whose ears moved according to brain waves, Yenta and Chaim, Amadeus & Salieri, a rock star, Sunny’s best dog friend in a hat, a 2 year old alter server and Athena’s daughter. As a visiting friend said while our sidewalk was full of trick-or-treaters being given candy by Huck as the setting sun made everything extra orange, “Oh, the Fayetteville Charm.”

I’m sure every town felt like that on the best night of the year.


Pappy T

November 1st, 2015

Let’s do it again tonight!!!

Aunt Jeni

November 2nd, 2015

Oh Schremmer Halloween you never disappoint!!


November 2nd, 2015

Oh m’gosh! Love love love!!!

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