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A few sunny Friday mornings ago I was walking across The New School’s campus when I noticed a fox eating out of the hand of a co-worker.  It felt like a Christmas miracle from a Hallmark movie, or maybe even a Frank Capra, so I stopped and watched for a few minutes, not quite believing my eyes. The fox finished its snack and slowly walked away, pausing to look at my friend every few seconds before finally vanishing in the nearby woods.  In the midst of shopping, rehearsing, teaching, making sack lunches, practicing spelling bee words, nagging Huck to wash his hair, hearing Troy talk about Star Wars and everything else that makes up my life these days, it was a welcome reminder of the magic that surrounds us sometimes.

Then Huck got an enormous splinter in one of his big toes. Because he takes after me when it comes to injury-courage, Huck would not let anyone look at or touch his splinter-toe, and even talking about it was discouraged, until the next evening when friends were over for dinner.  Chicagoan David, stage manager extraordinaire with very useful skills, somehow convinced Huck to give him his foot so that he could miraculously tweeze out the cause of such fret.  Huck screamed and Huck cried and we all carried on as if these were perfectly acceptable sounds, and in the end I couldn’t stop thanking this friend who literally saved the day (and Huck’s toe).  In conclusion, we keep having 70 degree weather, I won a day off of work last week, and one of my favorite fifth graders gave me homemade goodies with the hilarious introduction: “I made too much and thought, Hey!  Ms. Jonny!”

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: I hope you’re getting little bits of December magic, too.


Aunt Jeni

December 16th, 2015

Can we add 2 things to this list of magic:

1. voxer
2. holiday totes

Totes love you S3! XOXO

Pappy T

December 16th, 2015

Have I been talking about Star Wars that much?
I get to see it tomorrow!!!


December 16th, 2015

Anything with Huck, foxes, removed splinters, days off work and too many goodies = totes magic!!

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