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As I begin the process of putting the words of women prisoners into a Google Doc for our February reading, I came across this a couple days after Thanksgiving …

I fear the abnormalness of my family,
I fear the ordinariness of my family,
although I’ve learned normal is an illusion.
What’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
When life was what seemed upside down and twisted around
was when I found the most love and comfort in a rainbow or sunset
as if God was showing me what to focus on.

We were in Kansas when I typed those words, happily sitting alone at my sister inlaw’s dining room table while the rest of the family watched a holiday movie. I could hear their laughter from downstairs, making me pause at the juxtaposition of it all. I had my own rainbow and sunset moments during our time away, trying to focus less on the upside-down twisted-around world that has made me feel more sad than thankful these last few weeks. My sunsets were sipping wine with my dad around the firepit, taking a brisk fall walk on a trail I didn’t know existed in my hometown with my husband, son & dog, watching a Hallmark Christmas movie with my mom on her birthday, snuggling with my niece and nephew, going through Troy’s grandma’s treasures, a Saturday afternoon nature walk with my inlaws, and taking in the beauty of Christmas lights with family from both sides all mixed together. There was much laughter, love and absolute avoidance of the political reality that must have been on all of our hearts and minds.

For this, I am oh so thankful.


Pappy T

November 27th, 2016

good welcome.


November 27th, 2016

Oh so wonderful! Fires! Coats! Linda’s birthday! Temporary avoidance of political realities! And a mystery trail??!! What a trip, Schrems!

Aunt Jeni

November 30th, 2016

Oh I love that picture of Huck and Mom making her birthday cake! So much to be thankful for. XOXO

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