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Later today we’re headed to a lodge at the beautiful Buffalo River a few hours from home with cherished Arkansas friends, all transplants from faraway places like us, to say goodbye to the Happy and Sad of 2018 and welcome All That & More in the New Year. This year we three saw Redwoods up close, watched Huck surpass me in height by more than a few inches, took an all day train ride along the Pacific Ocean, and cut down our own Christmas tree. Also this year I made a commercial, a TV show, a movie and a play, just to cover all my bases, and Mr. Troy continued his celebrity status singing to little kids at school, concerts and parties. Huck practically became a professional fundraiser, and as his lucky parents we marveled at amazing new skills in his viola and piano playing. Like so many years before, we spent hours and days with beloved family and friends across the country, adding memories, photographs and laugh lines to our lives. Sunny is showing signs of middle age as younger dogs tire her out, though nothing makes her happier than a long hike and running off-leash. This year Huck got a beautiful bedroom renovation with all new furniture and many candles, and now we rarely see him.┬áReminders of the cruel passing of time, Troy threw out his back lifting a three year old and I strained my intercostal muscles moving a baby grand piano. But most of all, we lost our beloved Uncle Ronnie and now begin the season of our lives as aging parents with aging parents.

My 2019 plans? To keep laughing.


Aunt Jeni

December 31st, 2018

I sure love those smiles. Happy New Year S3! XOXO


December 31st, 2018

What a year! What wonderful photos! And here’s to a 2019 with more laughter and maybe fewer injuries? Happy New Year, Schremmers!

Pappy T

January 2nd, 2019

(trying to get things goin’!)

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