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On Saturday we joined the neighborhood at our church’s Tree Lighting Community Christmas Party, and on Sunday we got our very own tree and put it in the living room window for all to see when they walk down Bennett Avenue.  Troy and I have lost count of how many of these parties we’ve volunteered for or actually organized ourselves, but it was Huck’s eighth, which means eight times to sit (or lean) on the very same Santa’s lap for a photo or three.  (Picture Montage to come!)   In talking to Santa before the festivities began, we learned that he’s retiring to Maine and so this is his last New York Christmas, too.  If you’re going to leave a city like NYC, you might as well do it at the same time as Santa.

And speaking of all that, I stood in the very familiar church yard filled with Christmas lights and good cheer as holiday music played from the large speakers, and I had one of those “oh wow, this is the last time” moments.  One of my favorite singers Brandi Carlile was singing something like “It’s right about Christmas time … thinking about moving on,” followed by something like “I’m thinking about years gone by, I’m thinking about church at midnight, I’m thinking about letting go,” and “silver bells and open fire and songs we used to sing” and then I went inside and enjoyed it all one more time.

Huck got to throw the switch (or push the button) that lit the tree with the help of another faithful companion in his young life, our pastor and friend Charlie.  Huck’s good pals Valentino, Lorenzo and Parker stood closeby to watch, immediately shouting “GOOD JOB!” and hugging him when he successfully made the tree full of beautiful lights.  At one point in the church yard Huck and Valentino stood with their arms on each other’s shoulders and heads pressed together, taking turns listing the elements until they could no longer remember any more.  It’s good to have friends who understand you.

Our tree is named Apple, because she’s the last in a long list of New York trees that we’ve gotten from the same delightful French Canandian couple  year after year after year who also call our church their second home for a season.

And with the party behind us and the tree in front of us, it officially feels like Christmas around here.


Tia Rosie

December 3rd, 2012

You Schremmers are killing me. Ever since the thanksgiving meal I’ve been thinking: this will be their last one at the church. I can’t take this!!! At this rate you might have to rent a 2-family home and take me and Sophia with you. (more room for when Jeni comes to visit)

I’m just sooo happy I’ve been here for every one of Huck’s church Christmas parties. And most of yours, but nobody cares about you and Troy.


December 3rd, 2012

Oh, what magical, wonderful memories you’ve created over the years!! And how truly fortunate you are to have the kind of friends who make saying goodbye so freakin’ difficult. Here’s to years of future magical memory-making!! xxoo!!

Aunt Jeni

December 3rd, 2012

I goy teary over the song lyrics…so sweet! Amazing the Schremmers and Santa are leaving the big apple the same year… Happy December, Schremmers!! xoxo

pappy T

December 3rd, 2012

sniffles and smiles.

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