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Every year right around this time Troy prints out a booklet of Christmas song lyrics and Huck becomes obsessed with it, carrying it around and singing acapella with a slightly fancy put-upon voice.  Between that and our church children’s choir and the Washington Heights Jazz Choir and the Carnegie Hall music program at his school, Huck often hears poetry set to music and can’t get enough of it.  I’ve noticed in the last few months that his own language has become a bit poetic, in that really cute way that kids start making sense of the world around them.  For instance, the other day we were talking about making new friends and Huck described relationships as being held together by superglue, that they get set a certain way so that over time you cannot change them.  After hearing a great conversation I had with a friend about our future, he said it was like she gave me encouragement to find a small golden egg in a large sandy desert that is two miles wide and two feet deep.  He says his brain is like a treadmill and when he receives new information it gets onto that treadmill and stored inside his mind forever.  He’s written a rap called “Country Side Rapper,” which is about a rapper who lives in the country-side.  And the other night at dinner as we talked about how organized I am he said, “You are like a brick, Daddy is like a cloud, and I am a cloud in the shape of a brick.”



Pappy T

December 11th, 2012

that’s me, just floating through my scheduled events, higher than a kite without a care in the world, making myself into wonderful shapes…


December 12th, 2012

And that’s Jonny – smashing people over the head and knocking them unconscious (unconscience?). (What??)

(Delightful! AND I love the argyle sweater with upturned collar!)

Aunt Jeni

December 12th, 2012

I can hear him singing in that first picture–love the faces he makes when he sings a jazzy song. And I get many of his analogies…what an intelligent, creative kids. And thanks for continuing to dress him so adorably. xoxo

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