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Christmas in New York City can be very exciting with the hustle and bustle and the pretty lights and the tall trees and the Santas everywhere you look.  So when I sadly realized that yet again we would be spending the holidays here instead of joining everyone in Kansas, I tried to remember how lucky we were to be in such a magical place at such a magical time. And it’s true: there’s no place like New York. And after spending Christmas Eve in Times Square seeing Monsters Inc. 3D on what appeared to be the 37th floor of the AMC theater, and after walking over to the spectacular Rockefeller tree and then over to the west side for a delicious mid-day lunch and then back up to our neighborhood for some fun holiday get-togethers with special friends, what really made it all feel like Christmas was being back in our warm living room with no hustle and bustle, even prettier lights, a perfect size tree and the anticipation of the one and only Santa who none of us believes in but me. We spent hours slowly opening our many presents (we like to stop and play with each one for a while) until nothing was left under the tree.  And in the morning Huck’s stocking was full of more delights and our tree had a special “Christmas in New York” ornament, our last one you know, with this year’s card drawing.  We enjoyed Christmas dinner with our friends Charlie, Debbie and Jamie complete with a set of gifts that Huck could not open until he solved a Roman Numeral code because that’s how well they know him.  The rest of the week found us watching Wreck It Ralph and Brave (my new favorite movie), beginning book 3 of The Mysterious Benedict Society, enjoying a SNOW DAY with sledding, and visiting the Hall of Science, Chuck E. Cheese, the Bronx Zoo and the Park Avenue Armory.  On this final night of 2012 we will celebrate a British New Year with dear friends, ringing in 2013 at 7PM for all those younguns. Once we return home Huck plans to stay up all night long playing in his bedroom while his ol’ parents happily sleep in the room next door.  (He’s asked me to set out snacks in case he gets hungry.)

Over the last week as I’ve watched Huck in his jammies running from room to room playing with his new toys and reading his new books with the attention span of a one year old, I’ve realized we are home for Christmas.  I guess that’s what happens when you become a parent: your definition of Home changes.

Happy New Year, Friends, from our Home to Yours!



December 31st, 2012

You could teach lessons on how to celebrate Christmas. Have a great new year. See you in a few days.


December 31st, 2012

I feel tired from seeing/reading about all you’ve done this holiday season!! I’m VERY excited about Huck’s planned NYE, and wonder if there’s some way he can document his night? Perhaps next to the snacks, you can also leave a camera and a journal, and each hour, he can take a photo of himself and record what he’s doing and how he’s feeling. And you can post it on the blog. If I were him, I would think that sounds awful, but so does staying up all night! Happy New Year, Schremmers! I already know your 2013 will be a year of adventure — here’s hoping it will also be a year of JOY, LAUGHTER, new friends (and old!), and a new HOME! XXOO!!!

Tia Rosie

December 31st, 2012

Thanks for reminding me this will be your last Christmas int he city. You’re killing me, Schremmers.

Glad to see you’re having a blast.

And I’m shocked to hear Troy does NOT believe in Santa. What the what?

Love you guys. Happy New Year!!!

pappy T

December 31st, 2012

let me go home.

home is wherever i’m with you…

December 31st, 2012

I enjoyed all your pictures and Janelle’s words to describe them. I am glad you are taking advantage of everything NY has to offer.
Remember Dorothy’s famous lines “There is no place like home.”

Mama Grandma Hottdog

Aunt Jeni

December 31st, 2012

Wow, what wonderful pictures! I feel like I was there! Home is truly where your heart is. xoxo

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