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(Due to an attack of strange spam comments that really wanted me to buy new shoes, I had to delete & repost this original entry from November 6th.)

This fall has been a little uncharacteristic for the mother in me.  First I forgot about Crazy Hat Day until it was exactly too late.  A week later I dropped Huck off a few minutes before 8:00 only to realize he was supposed to be at an early morning assembly to receive a math honor.  Just now Huck asked me why I still haven’t signed a progress report and sent it back to school. And the most uncharacteristic of all?  His Melissa and Doug magnetic calendar that we’ve had since he was 3 is forever frozen on September 2014.

So to get myself familiar again, I’ve been taking pictures of the peak of fall here in Fayetteville.  I’m back!

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