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We three woke up Sunday morning to a delightfully cold house and news that Huck had changed his mind about being a working camera for Halloween, much to a certain father’s relief.  That afternoon Huck printed off some good yes/no riddles for the car ride and we set out for another Arkansas adventure that would most definitely find us lost and eventually found thanks to southern hospitality. Because I’m in full autumn celebratory mode 24 hours a day, we headed to Dickey Farms in nearby Tontittown to pick our own pumpkins and enjoy a private hayride.  And since our neighborhood this year could also be called Halloweenville, we are hosting a trick-or-treat party on October 31st, and therefore our gigantic porch needs to be decorated.  Eight pumpkins later and we’ve hardly made a dent.

Now to watch Troy create a human smart phone.  Someone get me a pumpkin spice latte.



October 6th, 2015

These are really some of the most gorgeous pictures!! Can’t wait to see the smartphone!!

Pappy T

October 7th, 2015

pumpkins and costumes!!! what could be better?

Aunt Jeni

October 8th, 2015

Oh such delightful pumpkin pictures! Your hayrack ride seems a little lonely. I love Troy’s pose with the wagon. And a human cell phone?! I’ll have a pumpkin spice latte with you!!! XOXO

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