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Huck and I had this last week off together, he because of his school’s unusual schedule and me because sometimes it feels like we have about 20 more minutes left of his childhood. These days have to be cherished, even during the mundane, like reorganizing his tiny bedroom so that he has more space for his math notebooks, compasses, pencils, Sharpies, protractors and other accessories. In the process we came across many remnants from the past, including page after page of “Mommy’s Top Notch Mazes for Huck,” which were in fact very low-grade, and homemade secret codes in awkward 5 year old handwriting that when solved all say a variation of the “I love you Mommy and Daddy” theme. I find it easier to move forward when I take an afternoon to remember days gone by.

Inspired by my sister and niece’s October tradition, we made our own Fall Bucket List on a chalkboard that used to be attached to Huck’s little kid easel.  We hung this nerd-out sign in our garage and finally began to cross items off during our lazy days together this week.  I’m bracing myself for this to be the last Halloween fully celebrated with a child in our midst, but then again we may drag this out for another decade.  Though Huck’s math and logic brain is several years more advanced than my own, his sentimental heart is always a few years behind most kids, which evens us out to be roughly the same age. Mostly this week we stayed in our pajamas hours longer than usual, but we also enjoyed dinner with friends, movies, debate bingo for social studies extra credit, St. Paul’s youth group for the first time, scooter riding, a literary magazine launch party, a spontaneous mid-week slumber party, hours of practicing a Beethoven sonatina, building an FM Radio using Snap Circuits® so we could listen to NPR the old fashioned way, Power Math at the library, a campfire with s’mores, and a never-ending nine acre top notch corn maze by the light of the moon & iPhones.

I took Huck and one of his many only-child friends to see the delightful movie “Storks” one sunny afternoon, and I felt kind of funny sitting next to the two of them as the story unfolded of a lonely only child ordering a little brother so he’d have a playmate.  I mentioned this to Huck later and he said, “Yeah, but that kid has two parents who work constantly and never spend time with him.” I gave a little sigh of relief that at least this week that cannot be said of us.


Aunt Jeni

October 15th, 2016

Oh I love you two. And hooray for fall bucket lists. I can’t get enough of this season! XOXO


October 15th, 2016

Oh how I love hearing about this season called “fall.” It sounds great! Also, I love lists. And Huck. And you guys.

Pappy T

October 15th, 2016

Oh we’re definitely dragging it out for an extra decade….

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