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This will always be the summer I remember as “that time when Huck got taller than me.” Other notable events include several trips to Kansas, Steven Universe, Huck volunteering at the library, Troy’s wildflower mound, my last time to be Summer Camp Director, the 7hills Youth Council at the Farmer’s Market, a 2:30am movie shoot, our California vacation, water parks, TheatreSquared’s Professional Development Institute at Petit Jean Mountain, a terrifying flat tire on the highway, Fiber Arts camp, Minecraft camp, Dungeons and Dragons camp, Austin Farnam Photography, Huck losing interest in our swimming pool, shaved ice, outdoor concerts, Sunny killing moles, all new bosses at work, and Huck’s voice changing without us noticing.

Last weekend we went shopping for school shoes, and with the help of his fellow almost-eighth-grade friends who are always a busy text thread away, Huck chose black high top Converse, just like I used to wear in the late ’80s. Goodbye, flip-flops.

I guess summer can end now.


Aunt Jeni

August 10th, 2018

What a wonderful summer! And a stulin’ nephew!

Pappy T

August 10th, 2018

Oh! My wildflowers!!!

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