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This brag blog was brought to you by Aunt Jeni, who insisted.

Somehow we have an actual high school student living with us now. He can usually be found in his dark bedroom lit by Christmas lights, listening to his favorite music through ear buds with a cup of tea while playing on the computer, knitting or reading as he embraces his brand new, very lazy summer.

In the last few weeks, back when he was a busy eighth grader, Huck had one special event after another, just like every student in America. The month began with his spring piano recital where he played his favorite instrument with poise and great skill, reminding us how far he’s come in a couple of short years. He received the Directors Award at his beautiful orchestra concert followed the next week by Outstanding Musician at his choir concert where we were treated to dynamite “Footloose” choreography. Also at that choir concert he served as the tireless stage hand, bringing out stools, chairs, microphones and even an awkward piano in between his own performances. I knew he was in his element as the kid who will do whatever the adults need him to do. He gets this from his father. Afterwards I didn’t know which I was more impressed by, his art or cooperation.

Next was his elaborate GT puppet show where we finally understood the abstract things he’d been describing to us for months. He took this whimsical project very seriously, and again I found myself equally proud of the puppet construction, creative writing, solid performance and deep commitment to his teacher and classmates.

Then came the end of year Ramay Junior High awards ceremony where he received all kinds of recognition in the form of certificates and shiny medals for his straight As, school involvement and musical achievements. By the time I picked him up after his final final on the last day of school at 10:45am, he was teary-eyed and sentimental, something he gets from me. As he filled the backseat with his end-of-year loot he said, “I just realized I’ve been wandering around with a huge puppet that says FREE MONEY.”

And I hate to brag, but for the first time since we moved here six years ago, we three finally have the summer off together. There’s the usual plans for the pool, reading marathons, travel and sleeping-in, but there’s also a high school reading list for English and biology, the ACT, French & American Revolution musical theatre, the making of a short film and Troy’s four city Prison Stories tour of “On the Row.”

I’m officially ready to embrace my brand new, very lazy summer, too.

Proud Braggers


Aunt Jeni

May 30th, 2019

Bravo! Bravo! So proud of that amazing kid. And it is fitting that I took the photo of the proud parents.


May 30th, 2019

Oh, so much wonderful-ness!!! Congrats, Huckles!! Well-deserved — both the multiple accolades and the lazy summer!!! Cheers to you, Schremmers!!!

Pappy T

May 30th, 2019

A lazy summer, cooperation, teary-eyed sentiment— and good looks. we’ve really given him a lot!

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