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Here in Fayetteville we three are enjoying a leisurely summer with no place to go except the pool. Troy and I have been denied the teacher-perk of summers off until now, and so we’re trying to cram years and years of relaxation into a couple months. Or at least I am. Troy is up at the crack of dawn each day swimming laps and working in the yard while Huck and I sleep like angels.

Our summer halfway-mark highs so far include Sunny turning seven (in dog years we three adults are the same age now), our new orange Subaru, the Pride Parade, watching my mom sing to Troy’s ukulele playing, movie-making,¬†Troy’s “On the Row” tour, the Tacketts in our town and their town, “Les Mis” at the Walton Arts Center, Dan & Michele, Lake Michigan and … wait for it … “Hamilton” in Chicago!

How lucky we are to be alive right now!

Our lows: Troy’s four hours at the DMV (the unimaginable), the Margulis-Miller family moving to New Jersey (everything is legal in New Jersey), driving in downtown Chicago completely lost (stay alive, stay alive) and the constant threat of thunderstorms. I’m never satisfied!

Perfectly in character, Huck is ready for high school to start. Troy mentioned something about “missing the kids” the other day. Me? I’m content taking a break, reading my books, floating in my pink innertube, singing the “Hamilton” soundtrack, and sleeping in every morning for a few more months.

That would be enough.

My nephew & niece are GORGEOUS!

It’s possible that “My Shot” will one day replace “Sisters, Sisters” as our go-to number.


Aunt Jeni

July 6th, 2019

Oh delightful! Hamilton lyrics swirl in our brains and we can only imagine your face when we hear My Shot.

Pappy T

July 6th, 2019



I would like to point out that my “missing the kids” is in quotes because that’s exactly what I said. It shouldn’t be mis-read as finger quotes.
I really do miss the kids.



July 6th, 2019

Wherever the Schracketts are is THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS … your summer is NON-STOP … and I can’t wait to see this in-person (Schuyler) sisters version of MY SHOT, but I guess I’ll have to WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!


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