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Earlier this month Troy and I went to the library while Huck was at Sewing and Quilting Camp making fabulous pillows, shoulder bags and mug rugs. After choosing some books, I stood on the second floor staring out a large window overlooking the construction site below for our library expansion. It was quite a view, and I stood there for a few seconds imagining what it will all look like when it’s complete. Then I decided to head downstairs and look for Troy, but I forgot that directly behind me was one of my all-time favorite sculptures. This sculpture isn’t small, it’s actually quite enormous and impossible to miss. Miraculously I ran my body into it as I turned, immediately feeling embarrassed and giggly as I awkwardly gathered my things and shuffled out of the room, gently touching my head as if to assure the onlookers that I was fine. It was such a jarring moment, to go from my sweet daydreaming to hitting a very large, very hard surface, albeit a beautiful one.

I think that’s how it’s going to feel returning to work next week.

Along with a trip to Kansas, the second half of our summer will best be remembered as the time Troy became famous in the neighborhood for building and planting a pumpkin patch. His natural gardening tendencies make it sometimes hard to believe he lived in New York City apartments for 16 years. Most July mornings I can be found reading in my Adirondack chair in the back yard while Troy works on the other side of the fence in our side yard near the street. Approximately every 7.5 minutes I hear a woman’s voice say something like: “That looks so neat! What is it?” Then Troy exclaims in his special farmer-dialect: “It’s a pumpkin patch! I’m tryin’ out pumpkins! What do you think?” Woman’s voice: “I love it! How did you do it?” Sometimes these admirers are simply walking by; sometimes they actually pull over in their car for a bit. All I know is, it happens over and over again.

I think that’s how it’s going to feel returning to work next week.

Ready for High School: To Be Continued.



July 31st, 2019

No defense, but I wish I could have watched you walk into that sculpture. (Cliché alert:) I CAN’T GET OVER THE FACT THAT HUCK IS IN HIGH SCHOOL. OR THAT YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE YOUR OWN PUMPKIN PATCH.

Pappy T

July 31st, 2019

Pumpkins are very, very exciting!

Aunt Jeni

July 31st, 2019

You ran into a statue?! How was this story not told on Marco Polo? I guess I have to learn some new things outside of MP…and that story sure made me giggle. I can’t wait to see pics of Huck on his first day of school!!! I’ll always remember baby Huck in NYC…

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