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Huck’s in High School! Aside from his bus being over an hour late on the hottest afternoon known to humankind, he and his 500 pound backpack had a fine first day. Back when he started kindergarten I channeled all my anxiety into his lunch containers. Oh, those were the days!

The older Huck gets, the more vivid my memories are of being his age, and I remember high school (and my discovery of almost everything I love) very well. His school is gigantic – nearly 3000 students – and I’d like to take this moment to thank the upperclassman who helped him find his way from Room 1907 to Room 3907 on day one. His freshman schedule includes Pre-AP Algebra II, AP Human Geography, French, Choir, Pre-AP Biology, Pre-AP English and my favorite … Virtual Health & PE.

PE ON A COMPUTER! (I tried to talk Huck out of this decision until I realized it would have been my dream come true back in the eighties.)

At our school last week, we were treated to a talk by clinical psychologist, New York Times best selling author, and standup comedian Wendy Mogel who begged us not to ask our kids horrible questions with one word answers such as, “Do you like your teacher?” and “Are you excited for school?” Instead she suggested six words to get a real conversation going: “I thought of you today when …”

That’s easy.


Aunt Jeni

August 15th, 2019

Oh Huckles, I thought of you so many times on your first day of high school! Oh my goodness how you have grown. Your freshman classes sound hard to your ‘ol aunt but of course you’re going to blow them all away.



August 15th, 2019

My brain read PE on a computer as PIE on a computer!!! Both sound GREAT!! Hope your first day was also GREAT!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!!

Pappy T

August 16th, 2019

How are those two photographs of the same person? I can’t figure out— right before my very eyes our kindergartener is a highschooler.
He was so big back then! He’s so big now! When he goes off to college will he be a GIANT?!?!?

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