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On Thanksgiving night Huck coined the phrase, “My tummy’s taken a tumble,” and I’ve been using it ever since. ‘Tis the time of year when our tummies take tumbles, and maybe our hearts and minds, too.

We spent the holiday week in Kansas, first with the Salina Hottmans and last with the Wichita Schremmers. There were tumbles down Memory Lane, in more ways than one, tumbles of laughter, nine year olds and dogs. My mom’s 75th birthday resulted in several family members across Kansas making the trek to Marc Street to celebrate, including a very special 18 year old KU college freshman. We decorated my parents’ Christmas tree, watched George Bailey remember his wonderful life and helped my mom remember hers. The Wichita portion of Thanksgiving included games galore, a massive family reunion and a hip hop workout. The whole week was filled with Huck reading “Romeo and Juliet” for English class, often saying things like, “Finally you guys are able to help me with my homework.”

One of my favorite parts of every year is Thanksgiving morning. All I really want out of those hours is a comfy place to sit with a never-ending cup of coffee, a fire roaring, the Macy’s Parade on TV and people I love nearby. It doesn’t always work out quite right, but this year it did.


Pappy T

November 30th, 2019

I was right… you do LOVE the way you look in these pics!!!

Aunt Jeni

November 30th, 2019

Tummy tumbles…I could use that in my nutrition blog. Nothing some peppermint green tea won’t fix. Love the pics and all the smiles! XOXO

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