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This picture taken at The New School’s first ever high school graduation perfectly captures these last few months. Stuck in our orange car with our grey hairs, laughing pretty hard while waving blue pool noodles around, Huck quietly in the background. I did a Zoom webinar (Zoominar?) yesterday and we participants were asked, “What is the title of this chapter of your story as a school?” The chat box became full of hilarious, universal truths like “Put the Kitty Down” and “Embrace the Suck” and  “The Importance of Muting All.” Mine was “This Too Shall Pass.”

I mean, it will. Right?

At least this school year has passed, and Troy, Huck and I are kicking off Memorial Day weekend where we always are these days … at home. We have smothered our students with love in the form of notes, emails, parades, home visits, videos and songs, begging them to feel good about this weird end-of-year. Right as our France flights, car, hotel and AirBnB reservations became officially canceled, reimbursed, credited or postponed, Huck was notified of ranking among the first in the state and sixth in the US on his National French Exam. I’ve suddenly become a voracious reader who averages a book a week. Our backyard is overflowing with wood chips, hostas, wildflowers and drunk bees. Huck made the Fayetteville High School A Capella Choir for next year, though we can’t imagine a choir singing together anytime soon. We’ve celebrated birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day and our 28th anniversary. We’ve taken many walks. We’ve watched every show on Netflix, Hulu and Prime. I hardly recognize mouths anymore, only stylish face masks. Huck took his first AP Exam in the comfort of his bedroom followed by filming himself giving CPR to a pillow for PE. I can describe the bookcases of every PBS News Hour reporter’s home. My arms are so tan from sitting in the backyard that they don’t match the rest of my body. I’m in danger of planning next year’s entire curriculum before Memorial Day.

The Delhi writer Arundhati Roy said this on “60 Minutes” last week: “Right now it feels as though we have no present, you know? We have a past. And we have a future. And right now we’re in some sort of transit lounge. And there isn’t any connection between the past and the future.” To me, this is exactly how life feels right now. Like we’re all experiencing a huge layover in an airport of a strange city, unable to really get on with life because we’re waiting for our delayed flight. We’re pretty sure we’re not going to be stuck here forever, but where is that airplane?

Luckily, I like the travelers I’m stuck with most of the time. Happy Summer, everyone!


Aunt Jeni

May 22nd, 2020

As usual no one says it better. Congratulations to Huck and his amazing feats in French, singing, AP Huge, and CPR on inanimate objects! I look forward to lots of MPs from your backyard this summer. XOXO

Pappy T

May 22nd, 2020

Summer? Already?


May 22nd, 2020

Love this!!!! So many congrats to Huck, and please tell Sunny she is the more adorable photo poser ever!!! XOXO

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