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Facebook loves to show me how cute Huck was on this day ten years ago, five years ago, one year ago, and never have I been more struck by the phrase “a lot can happen in a year” than now. One year ago today we saw “Hamilton” in Chicago, my mom still lived at home with my dad, Pandemic was the name of a complicated board game I avoided, face masks were something Huck collected with names like “Charcoal” and “Life of the Party,” and the Sahara Desert wasn’t in Arkansas.

Fast forward to today and, well, you know the story.

I don’t feel like I have adequate words to describe anything right now. Like most of you, 2020 is the year of so many pleasures and plans being taken away as we adjust to face masks and staying six feet away from strangers and people we love. Like many of you, the nationwide protests against racial inequality has given us deep sadness mixed with a smidge of hope. And like some of you, we think celebrating Pride is more fun in person.

But it hasn’t been all bad. A couple weeks ago we traded in our trusty old Civic for a newer Camry. After getting his learner’s permit, Huck began driving lessons with Troy in a nearby parking lot while I stay back at home chanting thousands of Hail Marys. Instead of a family vacation to France, my sister Jeni and I each drove solo to Kansas to celebrate our dad’s birthday and visit our mom through her window. More and more people can say Black Lives Matter and mean it. Here at home every morning Troy puts on his farmer costume to build his wooden compost contraption and water his corn, beans and flowers. Huck convinced me to join him in the cyber world of Stardew Valley where our avatars live next door to each other planting and watering our shared crops each day. In real life, we got a new fence, I chopped off my long hair, and we installed a backyard kiddie pool. And by installed I mean we filled it with air, water, floaties and my body. Pride Parades, book clubs, play readings, church and happy hours have officially transitioned to online, and it’s better than nothing.

I wish I could fast forward to the documentary on the year 2020 and find out how it all turns out.

This beautiful mural was painted by local artists here in Fayetteville this month.


Pappy T

June 29th, 2020

It’s not a costume. I am the farmer now.

Aunt Jeni

June 29th, 2020

Yes I want to see that documentary too. It was wonderful to hug some people other than the rest of T4 last week. XOXO


June 29th, 2020

This post and these photos brought several smiles to my currently unmasked face, proving that 2020 is clearly not all bad. There’s certainly moments to be thankful for.

It can mostly suck it, though.

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