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This last week of July gave us incredible thunderstorms, a beautiful day trip to Mount Magazine, and three quotes that I think sum everything up nicely.

Quote Number One: While admiring a pair of married goldfinches and several happy butterflies visiting our surprise sunflowers Troy said, “This is not the garden I planned. And I love it.”

Quote Number Two: Our friend Shana, who sometimes sits across the kiddie pool from me sipping Troy’s signature sea breezes, reflected upon the University of Arkansas allowing their faculty to choose remote teaching this year.  She said, “I’m delighted and I’m grateful. And I hate it.”

Quote Number Three: My mom sends me letters weekly (and sometimes daily), and in the latest she described how emotional she felt when her rolltop desk and favorite glider were sent by my dad to her room.  She wrote, “Crying felt good, too. I think to cry or laugh can be related.”

Agreed, agreed and agreed.



July 31st, 2020

What wonderful quotes! Here here!

Pappy T

July 31st, 2020

Keep ‘em coming! We still got a ways to go…

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