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Not too long ago Huck began a lecture series called “Increasing Our Family’s iCloud Storage,” and he always chose the worst times to speak. Right as I walked in the door from work, right as I was about to leave for work, right as I was about to make dinner, right as I was trying to send an email, right as I was going to bed. I kept saying, “What? More storage? Can we talk about this later?” One memorable evening I was half-present and half-asleep and found myself saying, “Can you ask us about this when we’re not so tired?” He quietly answered “Yes. But when will that be?”

We increased our iCloud storage for two extra dollars a month immediately.

These last, oh, seven or eight weeks have me feeling exactly like my trusty old stupid smart phone that regularly announces, “iPhone Storage full” right as I’m about to take the perfect picture. Apparently I can free up space on my phone by managing my storage in Settings, but this doesn’t work on my trusty old stupid smart brain. Sleep deprivation, existential anxiety, election nightmares, COVID precautions, teacher stress, and the total loss of faith in our country has me feeling and looking like my used iPhone 6 with a cracked screen and no memory capacity.

I’ve been reading Chekhov lately, what with all those characters in black wanting what they can’t have, and I just came across this line in The Seagull: “You know what somebody ought to write a play about? Schoolteachers! And what a hard life we lead. I’d like to see that on the stage!”

Chekhov gets me.

Two things that make me feel like a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max Supreme with a Tempered Glass Screen Protector Deluxe and more Memory and Storage than anyone could possibly need: before-work coffee conversations and before-bed tea conversations with our resident in-house lecturer who is also a wonderful listener. What a nice way to manage my settings and restore my faith in humanity.



October 1st, 2020

Where can I sign up for the next coffee lecture?!

Aunt Jeni

October 1st, 2020

What a kid! The lesson here? Always listen to Huckles. XOXO

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