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“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald once. Fall came earlier than ever to Fayetteville, one of the few nice surprises of 2020. I began noticing our neighborhood trees turning color in late August, and I knew that we were in for a glorious October. Here we are, and again I find myself frantic to feel all the fall feels and pleasures of the colors and the breezes and the occasional fires that give our living room and back yard that familiar something. I love the gradualness of the leaves turning colors, while at the very same time catching myself asking, “Did this happen overnight?!” It’s like everything; you don’t always notice the beauty slowly growing around you.

And while I don’t know about that business of life starting all over again, I do know that all the grass my beloved kiddie pool killed this summer has been replaced by miraculous new grass. And I know that Troy’s pumpkin patch that grew no pumpkins this time around instead houses the neighborhood’s scariest scarecrow. I also know that Huck suddenly reminds us of John Lennon with his long hair, long legs and surprising kicks and twirls. I know that I’ve happily discovered the band Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, the TV show “Last Tango in Halifax,” the movie “Dick Johnson is Dead,” and the book “Dark Matter.” I know that we bought a set of new knives and now Huck looks for opportunities to cut things. I know that my work weariness is slowly showing signs of improving. I know that my mom is in a hospital in a small Kansas town while we wait for MRI results and next steps. I know that my suitcase is packed and my sisters are waiting for me. And I know there’s hope again in the form of a ballot, a stylus and unheard-of long lines.

Here’s to starting all over …



October 22nd, 2020

Beautiful. Yes yes yes. XOXO


October 22nd, 2020

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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