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To celebrate this final day of everyone’s least favorite year, I have cleaned out every closet and cupboard and thrown out things with expirations dating back to 2013. I will watch as many “Office” episodes as possible before it leaves Netflix, and I will eat all the appetizers left over from last week’s holiday. I’ll call my parents, text special friends and family, play games with my favorite two people, and read my delightful book. Before too long I’ll look at photo albums since I still print pictures, watch home movies and read old blog posts. I’ll think about highlights from this year like so many back yard gatherings, Zoom book clubs with people who normally wouldn’t be together, and spontaneous visits to be with my family. This year Huck learned to drive, Troy wrote a children’s book, and I survived eight weeks of shingles and eighteen weeks teaching fourth grade drama. On the last day before this splendid break one of those fourth graders gave me a gift card with this message:

Year Made.


Pappy T

December 31st, 2020

THE OFFICE is leaving Nefflix?!?
@%&*#! *%$#@&*# 2020!!!
I knew you weren’t done us yet!!!


December 31st, 2020

What a year, people! And what a student!!


***Running to go turn on The Office because I didn’t realize it was leaving Netflix!!!***

Aunt Jeni

December 31st, 2020

That sounds like a perfect day. And thank you for warning is all about The Office…off I go! See you in the flippity flip.


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