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Gone are the days when I would post hundreds of birthday pictures the day after, apparently. I blame Facebook, middle age and the pandemic. Here are pictures from Huck’s 16th birthday back in March and our birthdays a couple weeks ago. In summary, there was Aunt Jeni, a chocolate mint ice cream cake, a new laptop, a strawberry cheesecake, perfect weather, a rooftop dinner, maskless get-togethers with the vaccinated, and lots of gratitude. Together we three are 118 now, though we don’t look a day over 115.


Aunt Jeni

May 4th, 2021

I guess we are all adjusting to actually doing things these days. Happy birthday to you all!!! XOXO

Pappy T

May 4th, 2021

They were pretty happy! Especially at 118!!!


May 5th, 2021

Happy 118th, Schremmers!!

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