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Before I start posting fun Christmas themed anecdotes and pictures, I thought I would bid farewell to the glorious autumn by putting some last leaf photos on here along with a non-related, non-holiday tidbit.  Huck is the student council representative for his class along with his BFF Branden (whose buzz cut Huck always wants and whose matching blue and white shirt is often worn on the same day as Huck’s, making for lots of smiles).  The other day I was in the classroom helping their teacher Marilyn with some filing and got to witness two very cute little people sit in front of their classmates and share what was discussed at the first student council meeting of the year.  I was so tickled watching Huck and Branden read from their journals, wondering how on earth six year olds successfully take notes.  Here is a somewhat paraphrased transcript of my favorite part of their very serious discussion:

HUCK:  We discussed having crazy days where we dress in funny ways.  Some examples are Pajamas Day and Rainbow Day.  For Rainbow Day, maybe I would wear all blue and Branden would wear all red.

BRANDEN:  (Looking at his notes.) We didn’t talk about that, Huckie.

HUCK:  No, I was just giving an example that I came up with for Rainbow Day.  FOR EXAMPLE, we could do that.

BRANDEN:  Oh, yeah.  Okay.

I didn’t get much filing done that day.

And now, goodbye to fall …


pappy T

December 4th, 2011

How could you get anything done in class with that kind of a serious discussion going on?
I wonder what we should wear on Rainbow Day if Huck wears all blue?

December 5th, 2011

Sooo sweet! I love the idea of them taking notes and reporting back. How very official. And a rainbow day? Fantastic!

Are you going to let Huck buzz his hair?


December 5th, 2011

Those are beautiful fall pictures. My goodness Huck sounds like a 12 year old discussing those things. What will he be like when he IS 12?????

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