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Here’s what this time of year means around our home.  Troy got up at 4:30 this morning so that he could get to the church by 5 on his day off to get things more ready for tomorrow’s community Christmas party.  Then he got back home in time for Huck to wake up at 6:30, followed by making breakfast and putting on a suit to join Huck and his school for a fancy field trip to Carnegie Hall based on the fantastic music curriculum that Troy has helped teach all semester.  For me it means working part-time at the church, both a fabulous and horrible idea this time of year, and having meetings with people wherein I say things like, “Any idea who should play Joseph this year?” and “So who’s going to Costco to get the hot chocolate?”  It also means trying to find time to do the laundry, like at 7:00 this morning, only to realize after two and a half hours that the triple loader washing machine was never, ever going to stop washing our clothes.  After placing a panicky phone call to the laundry machine experts and finding our super, the hard working machine was finally disconnected so that I could drag what felt like hundreds of pounds of drenched clothing over to other smaller machines, causing my entire morning to be dedicated to this awful task, in between frosting cookies for tomorrow’s cut-throat neighborhood cookie contest party and getting groceries because we’re in charge of snacks for Huck’s class next week.  It is now 11:00 and I’m still doing laundry.  PEOPLE, THOSE ARE SOME CLEAN CLOTHES!

In summary, I’m really happy I made Troy do the Christmas card in November.

And now for some pictures of the happier stuff of December.  Cookie making, candy cane eating, tree lighting, gift making, carol singing …



December 9th, 2011

It’s at time like these that we are grateful for the moments when life is “boring” and dull. And then you stop and say, “nah”! You might wish for room for a stacked washer-dryer in the apartment, but not a life other than what it is today.
Working full-time as the church administrator I fully appreciate your day working at the church. “Who’s going to clean up after the camel”? Why are there still paper ants on the floor from the preschool picnic? 3 bulletins, 1 newsletter and a baptistery full of water by noon?!? – no worries!!
Enjoy the moments, the grace, the gift that are offered along the way…oh, and don’t forget to post the pictures!


December 9th, 2011

I just do not understand why you don’t have time to call me!! WHAT GIVES??!! Oh HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA! I’m hilarious. Hope things calm down soon, Schrems.


December 9th, 2011

Love Him.. sorry about your crazy week. Trust me I have realized it doesn’t get better but having kids is amazing…

pappy T

December 9th, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Aunt Jeni

December 11th, 2011

Oh dear! Sounds like rough day! Time to start some yoga and deep breathing.

Love the pictures and Huck’s new haircut.

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